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Align’s sudden termination of interoperability between Invisalign and 3Shape’s TRIOS scanners hurts dental professionals and their patients. You shouldn’t be forced to pay for a business dispute between Align and 3Shape.  But you now have options: The market is changing rapidly and the availability of new clear aligners from several leading companies mean that dentists and orthodontists are no longer tied to Invisalign.  But if you want to continue to use Invisalign, we understand that too.  In order to use it with your TRIOS scanner, tell Align to reinstate interoperability.


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New, high quality options on the market mean you no longer have to feel stuck with Align.



Have a TRIOS scanner? Think Align should reverse its misguided decision to terminate interoperability? Let them know how you feel with our easy, one-step ‘letter to Invisalign Leadership.’



3Shape is setting the record straight: On the Invisalign/TRIOS dispute, on the value of our innovation and on our vision for the future of dentistry.