About the Campaign


The Straight Talk Dental Coalition, powered by 3Shape, is an online platform designed to ensure that dental professionals have the options they need to best serve their patients while growing their businesses. On the website and social media, the Straight Talk Dental Coalition serves as a hub for those who believe open systems lead to better outcomes.

For dentists affected by Align's actions, the site gives them a voice to speak out about - telling Align Technology to leave its customers out of its business disputes.

Dentists and their patients have more options than ever before, but only Align can reverse this damaging decision.

3Shape’s TRIOS scanners work directly with nearly 40 high value aligner systems and workflows, offering dentists wide-ranging choice in a once-closed market. On this site, up-to-date information is available that helps dentists and patients choose the right service provider for their needs.

If you have feedback, concerns or questions to share with 3Shape, you can contact us at info@straighttalkdentists.com.